Saint Simons has a beach for everyone! The closest beach entrance is found by turning right out of Moonrise Cottage and walking 3 blocks to the 1st Street Beach Access (#19). There is a sandbar at this spot that makes it lovely at low tide. However please be aware that the sandbar is covered with six feet of water twice a day at hightide - the water comes in quickly and can cause a strong current so for safety please leave the sandbar with the incoming tide. Tide tables are below.

At low tide you can also walk all the way south to the Village from this point. Try walking on the beach down to Exit 9, go up the stairs and head towards the lighthouse, then finish your walk to the pier through Neptune Park.  

If you want a beach that is not tide contingent and has all the amenities, including lifeguards and showers, head north to Massengale Park or the CoastGuard Beach. They both have free parking lots.  

Dogs are generally allowed on the beach, but hours are restricted between Memorial Day and Labor Day. See more info on our Dog page.